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N. B. Cardoso

There are people who judges you for not being the cookie dough person they are used to.

misunderstanding youThey complain about how their inner circles are, but are too afraid to open their eyes to anything different from the same old patterns.

Your uniqueness actually scares the living soul out of them, it means change and opening a closed mind, it means accepting that the world is much bigger than the little puddle they live in, and that is not what they want, or worst, maybe that is something they cannot handle at all…

They create a wall of preconceived ideas about you, based only in their own experiences, without ever giving you a true, honest chance to show who you are.

They will ignore, bully, tease you for everything. From the way you speak, move, dress, act, behave, do business, stand up for what you believe and fight for your rights, there is nothing you do that will be satisfactory to them, not even the way you love or care for others…the only way they may accept you is if you agree to become another string puppet on their own little arena, who makes them feel comfortable on their own skin.

No, you are not defective, your are original and unique. There are many people who stood and fought for their beliefs and visions, even when no one else could see what they saw. These people have changed the world many times before. The people who are committed to misunderstand you have limited horizons and narrow perspectives. Let them be on their little world, find connections who are capable of seeing the value on the person you are.

Be your beautiful self, dare to dream, stand up for your dreams, even if you stand up alone….believe the world is much bigger than the little bubble we are accustomed to, believe you can and will make a difference – even if one persons life – let the few selected ones, the ones who dare to overcome their own fears, and allow themselves to get to know you for who you truly are be the ones who surrounds you and bring out all of your best potential.



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