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By N.B. Cardoso

For a couple of months now I have been on the go, go, go for a while. There are many new things happening, and many expenses will come with these new changes. So I made an agreement with myself, to save as much as I can, for these expenses, plus a probable move to the East Coast which will be happening in the next couple of years. Like anyone would, I allowed myself to get too entangled with the worries with the things I must do to achieve the goals unveiling in front of me, and I can feel it is taking its toll on me.

teaonthedeckSo today I decided to take my sweet time, sit down on the deck, enjoy the wonderful morning sun, the blue skies, the birds singing, watching my little humming-bird coming to kiss the flowers and the constant background music of the ocean kissing the shore.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and one of my friends, after listening to me talking about how much I wanted to buy a nice china tea-cup – but with no time to go look for it – gave me a beautiful bone china cup and saucer. Coincidently, my daughter, who know lives in LA, sent me a clear tea-pot and some flowering tea balls. Well, after trying a couple of teas, I am in love with Jasmine tea so, today, before I fell into the daily grind routine of checking messages and emails, instead of running to the gym, or doing anything else, I decided to take time and enjoy my solitude.

As Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote ” I have discovered while composing my authentic concerto that some of the notes requires pauses. I yearn for  what Mary Sarton called “open time, with no obligations except toward the inner world and what is going on there.” To maintain inner harmony it is essential for me to ransom at least an hour’s worth of solitude to defend this soul-sustaining respite against all intruders and distractions.”

Sitting on the deck, surrounded by the serenity of this morning, inhaling the energy of a new day that quietly awaken, it reminds me that life is made of small pleasures. Sure I can keep drinking my tea out of a mug, and I do so most of the time, but today I decided to intentionally enjoy a tea ceremony. Not to impress or show off to anyone, but only for my own little pleasure.

The boiling water poured into the clear tea-pot, the jasmine tea ball transforming the water into an exquisite drink, the insignificant herbal ball turning into a blooming flower, the sugar cube is placed delicately into the cup, then the sweet fragrance reaches my nostrils as I pour the tea into the fine chine, the visual beauty of the soft color against the white china cup. I rest at the chair and stare at the scene for a couple of seconds, I make mental notes of the tones, sounds, smells, and intentionally observe this moment and I almost can taste the exquisite and delicate flavor  of the tea, even before I take the first sip.

This purposely created little ceremony makes me think of all the things I do in my life, my everyday actions, which have lost its magic because of the hustle and bustle, the time constraining, all the obligations. Well, I now make a choice to live and perform those mundane tasks with more intention, like having my tea this morning.

I choose to deliberately observe the nuances, the colors, the flavors as I perform each minuscule action. My point is: they have to be done. I can keep on doing them on a rush or I can take a little bit more time and do them well, enjoying each moment. Do them with intention, with true love, with gratitude, being more aware of what I say, what I hear, what I feel, to the words said without a sound. I choose to listen more attentively to my loved ones, to my friends, to my colleagues, to the people I meet along the way, to my clients. To silence the distractions and focus on the task or person in front of me.

playingI am determined to spend more time and find, from now on, the beauty, the magic, the joy in every simple event. I am determined to find the small pleasure I have been taking for granted. To rediscover the magic in every action I perform. To make each event in my life as special as my little tea ceremony on the deck.

We spend so much time and energy looking for special things: people, circumstances, events, places where all will be okay, when all will be better than were we are, improved from who we are, even tough we are not changing ourselves, we expect the outside changes will affect the inside changes….we forget that every breath, every move, every word, every action is a blessing in disguise

I want to re-learn the wonder of a child who realizes they have fingers for the first time, who is in awe of the sound of their own laughter, who is amazed by each small discovery. I want to go back to the beginning, to when boxes were much more fun than the toy inside, when our creativity ran wild and we were free to make castles our of shoe boxes.

I am going back to simplicity, and with that, I am ready to re-discover the power of small pleasures.



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