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giveby N. Cardoso

Learning to overcome the fear of failure is the first step towards achieving success. Fear freezes us and it is, alone, the biggest cause for, if not all,  most of our failures.

It is interesting to realize that failure itself is not the reason we fail to launch, and make positive changes in our lives, but the fear of it is.

The bottom line is, if we never ask, the answer will always be NO.

If we never overcome our fears, learning to shut off the loud voices in our heads, that screams all the reasons we should not even try (others tried and failed, we are not prepared, we are not good enough, we have nothing to say, we have no talent, we think too much, and so on), the results will always be the same: we, like most of the world, will fail by default: for not even trying.

So today, try to walk an inch beyond your comfort zone and try something different.



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