by N. Cardoso 09/25/2016
For everything in life there is a proper season.
There is a time to cry, time a to laugh.
Time to sow and a time to reap.
Time to seat and a perfect time to get up and dance.
Time to learn patiently and a time to teach.
Time to wait and a time to move forward.
Time to hold on and a time to let it go.
Time to cocoon in silence and a time to stretch  out in growth.

Whatever the time is in your life, just hold on. No pain lasts forever, and no laughter is everlasting. Balance is the goal we all reach for, and event by event in our lives help us grow.

We stretch in growth, we shrink in pain, we recollect ourselves, heal and become stronger, then we reach further than we thought we could. Trust yourself, the instinct and the power hidden within your soul. It knows more than you give credit to and is more powerful than you believe.

floer2A little flower seed is only able to show its splendor because it releases itself to the dirt, the seed knows that the dirt has the right ingredients  which are necessary to allow the seed to set roots and break through the ground reaching out to the sun light, being finally able to open it, share its beauty and release its sweet perfume.

Have you ever noticed the little seed will, before growing up, actually shoot its roots even further down into the darkness to create a strong foundation and become stronger before it starts reaching upwards towards the sun?

flower3If the seed could express itself, we believe it would say that is neither comfortable nor pretty being forgotten buried under all that darkness. No matter how uncomfortable it has been for the little seed, it embraces the darkness, it releases itself to it and uses the time spent there not trying to set itself free towards the sun, but to strength itself and with every struggle, built its roots and grow a solid foundation. No matter how bad it was, the time hidden under the dirt, the little seed finally, after setting a strong root, reach out and burst into the air, towards the sun and shows its exuberant transformation.

We all find ourselves in the dirt sometimes, some more than others.We were taught that is not a good place to be, that it is filled with shame…. I don’t believe that to be truth. The best and most successful people I know or heard of, they all had, in one way or another, overcome their own darkness.

It is not easy to be in pain, but try to embrace those dark moments in life. Don’t pretend they are not there, share with the closest people, don’t be afraid to ask for support,. Read, pray, cry, write, do whatever soothes your soul and is not prejudicial to your body, soul or others. Release yourself and let the nutrients found within the dirty make you stronger, let your soul germinate and, in time, you will break the soil and join the garden of amazingly unique flowers that spreads joy to the rest of the world.

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