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We were meant to have a life of love, joy, hope, harmony and peace. A life of community, prosperity, harmony and partnership with one another…that was the master plan.

Along the way we got ourselves distracted by comparing ourselves to others, to wanting more; more power, more money, more influence, more attention, to be better than this or that person, wanting more things…

We have put ourselves in an imaginary high place we believe we own based on how much we make, what we drive, where we live, what we wear, what we know, how we speak, how much we travelled and so self righteously point fingers at others while they laugh too much, dance awakerdly, express themselves in a way that gives them joy, speak their minds and wants everyone else, including ourselves, to join them….in short, we criticize them while they enjoy and live life as it was meant to be…we are uncormfortable with them enjoying life in a way we have long forgotten how…as a defense mechanism against what we feel to be an attack – even if an imaginary one – we get busy with our never end criticism, excuses we tell ourselves and others why we are not living a more simple honest life, and hide away like ‘the others’ have a contagious decease.

How wonderful our lives would be if we were willing to fast forward back to the begining, re-learn from the little ones, go back to basics, to simple, to innocence, to when everyone, in all their corkness and uniquiness where welcomed, accepted, equal, loved and never shone away. That is, after all, the way life is meant to be lived.

When I look at my own life and think how it is unfolding, I see a partiality to both sides. Ironically I see I am at my happiest when I am on ‘the other side’, being myself, not worrying about trying to impress people who prefer to separate themselves… This new year, my goal is to go back and remind myself of some of the greatest times in my life was when I making simplicity a daily part of my life, remind myself to laugh out loud more often, from the belly at least once a day, to dance at the sound of a good song even if it seem awkward to others, to sing along out loud no matter if I have a singing voice like no one is looking.

When I ask myself how is my life unfolding I realize while it is pretty good there is still plenty of room for improvement. Have a safe and blessed Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


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