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N. Cardoso 09/15/18

My experiences can be similar and, many times identical to yours. The way each one of us respond and react indivually to the same events however, is different, it is deeply connected to our own emotional journey, and where we find ourselves on that path at a specific time in life.

Be loving and compassionate of people’s experiences – no matter how much we think we know all about it – for we all have different perspectives from the point were we stand.

As I grow older, I learn that some of the experiences, reactions and responses I had to situations in the past would be experienced so much different now. I was young on my journey and didn’t know better… There is no blame nor regrets, just a peaceful acceptance of my own ignorance at that time, and a loving forgiveness for the old me.

It is still a learning process, but I know I get better at every curve of the way. This knowledge of “I am the same as them and they are the same as me” thought, allows me to be kind and accepting of other people’s struggles, because I am reminded that I too needed that support many times before. It was through the acceptance and kindness of others that I was able to continue moving and grow in my spiritual path. They were an inspiration, and encouragement, a strength when I had none on my own.

I guess, deep down, I want to pay it forward and be an inspiration to others on their path too. I too want to be an angel in disguise to someone like the ones I have been blessed to meet them along the way. They reminded me that I was never alone, even tough I felt like I was so many times.

This is all about going back to basics, to the basis of the human spirit, the born with human goodness coming back to the surface and being embraced with a loving cherishing hug. It is about not seeing it as a weakness, but as a strength. Allowing the humanity we have all been born with to come out of the shadows and shine bright.

This is about faith in the best part of us as humans: the capacity to choose love, acceptance and fogiveness. To choose exercising evolution on a brighter light. To practice ‘love thy neighbor like we love ourselves’ primary teachings.

We are, after all, just walking each other home.

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