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1400888980788By N. B. Cardoso

Have you ever had a miracle happening to you? Something that you knew from the bottom of your heart, from the top of your understanding that it could not be a coincidence or a common occurrence,  something that you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, it had to truly be done by something or someone bigger and more powerful than we ever imagine we could be, something above our own understanding, intelligence or actions could ever make it happen?

Well, that is what a miracle is.

You don’t have to be special, have all together, hold unique talents and know how to use them, it is okay to have done mistakes before, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, perfect or just the imperfect self most of us are, all it takes is to keep and the eyes of you soul, your heart and your mind open, to learn to take your current life, relationships, jobs, health, and possibilities as blessings, even when you don’t really understand the whys.

Trust and be grateful for what you have, for who you are, for where you are. Be open to changes that will leave the old, proven failed ways behind and open the horizon to new possibilities.

Trust the Universe and you will see the miracles playing around you, waiting to see if you can figure what a blessed life you have been living so far, waiting to find out if you can see, beyond  the never-ending daily problems and frustrations, the plans and surprises this life holds, on a silver plate for you, and only you.

Miracles do happen to ordinary people. Believe me when I say, for it has happened to me.



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