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By N. Cardoso 05/09/2012

It’s Wednesday and it pours outside.

own hero
Looking out of my kitchen window I see nature changing right before my eyes. The brown grass that lingered throughout winter is now of a vibrant green. Flowers are a little confused about the weather and some have not shown themselves this year at all, but spring flowers started to blossom, showing that them, have also changed after the winter.

As I sit here, on my computer, enjoying a warm coffee and my last few minutes of personal time, I start writing this, before the business hat kicks in, the serene atmosphere brings me back, and think of the long path I have travelled, bringing me to the person I am, and to where I am today.

Nature has always been one of the few constant in my life, it has also been one of my best teachers. It was lost in its arms and whispering winds that I have found peace and harmony growing up. It was always a safe refuge out of all the family drama and pain. Contemplating, silently, its delicate nuances has taught me to notice and appreciate the little tiny things, much more than I appreciate the big flashy ones. It was laying on the grass in the middle of wild flowers in the savannahs of Brazil, that I first experimented a feeling I have never had in my home: harmony and balance.

The fragrance of flowers and the clean, crispy unpolluted dry air of Brasilia, still being built as the Capital of Brazil back then, showed me, for the first time, at the tender age of 7, what love was.

A love for something big, much bigger than myself. This feeling would flood my soul and whispered into my ears stories of distant lands and people speaking other languages, it whispered stories of little and lonely girls all around the world who could raise above themselves and change their circumstances, only if they were persistent and courageous enough.

Years have passed from that sweet memory of my infancy, and today, as I sit here, looking outside, listening the rain drops against the windows, I realize that while many say that things are what they are, that all is bad and there is no hope, I must disagree. If things were what they were, with no possibilities of changes, changes that start with our own nature, I would never be here.

opportunityPeople today live on a never-ending rush, just looking for things that will give them the whole grail of most men nowadays: immediate satisfaction. If it is not attained within the next few seconds, they just move to something else. A world of too much for too little, striving to impress others, to ignore our own instinct and fit within the group, even if the group have no purpose, of never-ending texts and little communication, of busy all the time so we don’t have to listen to the voice inside ourselves, to live a persona rather than embrace the exquisite person we truly are,  to become a copy of others as we ‘think’ they are. To blend with the mass, rather than to stand out for our uniqueness. A world made of blaming on others, on their parents, on the economy, on the government, on their teachers, on their families, on their partners, on their circumstances, on their chances, or whatever other excuses people can find….nothing is never good enough…this world has come to a crazy search for nothing, a crazy race going nowhere…

Sure it’s not an easy path, changes are never easy, especially when it comes to changing ourselves. Self improvement requires the daunting scrutiny of our deepest fears and issues in order to perform this change. It require taking ownership of our own actions and lack of actions, it requires self-critique, honesty, loyalty, acceptance and forgiveness.

The thoughts we will awake some disturbing memories and mess everything, after all, we have buried so much, we have worked so hard to convince ourselves we are bullet proof, nothing can get through the walls we built….who really, in their right mind, want to move the murky waters underneath the placid surface we worked so hard to show?

All those fears and ‘inconveniences are not valid excuses if you really want to grow. Don’t they say that the truth will set you free…it really does. We sometimes think “what if it doesn’t work???” well, that is a possibility isn’t? But then, there is always the flip side of every coin…what if IT DOES????

As I travel back, remembering many of the different stages of my own life, a quote from Paul Counsel comes to mind – “The results you are achieving are the ones you have learned to achieve and if you want to change those results, then you must change the thinking and behavior that’s responsible for them: then I think of my favorite from Einstein : ‘Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different results”.

“You must find that place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”. Deepak Chopra.



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