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By N. Cardoso

‘You see, imperfection is the key. Imperfections make us individuals, that’s what makes us unique. See my nose, how it is all bulbous and pock marked, well, I am the only one with my nose. ‘

Sometimes other people’s opinions and actions affects our self-esteem. Sometimes, those opinions comes from people we love and look up to – parents, family members, relatives, teachers or friends –  and in many situations they don’t know the damage they are doing with their little comments, words, actions, reactions and even with their inactions.

No one is perfect, no one have all the answers, no one knows which roads should be taken or which ones should be avoided. We all get scared and lost when we find ourselves on a crossroad, trying to figure which turn to take next. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to change what has been said and done. Forget about what “shoulda, coulda or woulda” and work with your own imperfections. They are the fingerprint of your identity, they make you who you are. The only thing we can do is to work on changing the way we perceive ourselves.

Regardless of any of your shortcomings, you are, in your own way, with any flaws you may have,  a very special person, unique in your own way, and capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. Don’t ever let anyone, not even yourself, convince you otherwise. Purge away those ideas that you are not capable; that you don’t have what it takes; that you are not it. You are capable, you do have what it takes and yes, you are all that. Don’t ever let those inherited ideas induce you to believe any other way.

There are great things to be done and lived, and you are the only one with that specific talent to do, and be those things. The fact is: you are an exceptional person, and you can do, be and have all he best. You deserve the best! Love, respect and trust yourself, you are worth it!




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