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By N. Cardoso

The world is a box of surprises, for many, more like a Pandora box rather than something to be excited about. Whatever the situation might be. Over time we come to find that, regardless of how much we think we know, we really never know when there is a storm coming. Despite of how much we want to, the reality is that we can never protect ourselves, or the people we love, from its consequences.

Unfortunately, in the frantic need to protect ourselves from the worst that could happen, we shut down and put the walls up. This choice may prevent the pain and possible suffering, but it will also put a stop on the best, on the great things that could happen.

No question that living life forgetting the things that have happened to us, either be good or bad, is just plain foolishness. However, if the scars from the past stops us from taking the risk, and even changing our current mind-set, we must re-learn how to move forward, not forgetting about tomorrow’s possible pains, but focusing on the things that do go right, right here and right now, making today a day that will be worth living and remembering tomorrow.

There are no guarantees we will not have pain again, or that life will be a field of roses and happiness, the odds are exactly the same. The only guarantee we have in life is that we’ll die sometime along the way. Everything else is just up to us.

There’s a lot of sunshine to enjoy in life. Even when the skies seems covered with dark grey clouds the sun is still shining, and once in a while, if we take our eyes out of our own ‘little world’, we’ll see that its rays pierces through the clouds, maybe to remind us that nothing is as bad as we think, and even if they are as bad as we imagine them to be, they won’t last forever. It remind us that there is always hope, and life is senseless when there is no hope of better things to come.

The truth is, that we can only appreciate the sunshine if we are willing to learn the lessons we were supposed to when all is dark, without the darkness we could never see the starts. Keep your head held high, have the courage to keep your eyes and heart open to new experiences and possibilities.

‘Life is a like a shell, you can either cross the ocean or hide on it. In the end is always a matter of choice.’ 


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