By N. Cardoso 10/18/18

Life is designed to sometimes, throw you a curve ball, that is what obstacles do. They force us to move from our comfort zone and think outside the box.

When we do that, we invariably grow, become a little wiser. When those moments come, and they will, try instead of fighting or denying them, to be a useful witness. Learn what cause them to be and how you are dealing with it.

Observe your own reactions. Pay close attention to the little details. What is unique about it? What are you thinking and feeling? Why are you thinking and feeling the way you do? Is this a well thought response or just an unthought emotional reaction produced by the event or statement which touched a highly sensitive issue? What can be learned about your own reactions? How this experience can teach you to respond to similar situations in a more concious and mindful way?

When we stop being a victim of our circunstances, blaming the rest of the world for what happens to us, over and over and over, with different people, in different places and times…

When we finally wake up to realize and accept that the problem might reside within, when we allow ourselves to experience grace, mercy and forgiveness, the next experience is always acceptance, of self and others, followed by a deeper understanding of the facts of life. We swiftly move from victim to willing witness of our experiences.

We stop hiding our scars and wear them without fear, knowing that they make us who we are. We accept and start loving our imperfections. We somehow, start evolving at leaps and bounds with giant steps towards a life that is ours to claim a stake upon and take full ownership of.

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