For some odd reason humans value anything and everything that is complicated, the more complicated the more valuable. Most adults are turned off when something simple is presented to them.

The greatest ideas are the simple one, said William Golding.

The irony is that in simplicity resides the life we always dream of. You see, the human mind works just like a fertile field; whatever we sow we will reap. When the work is done and the season is right, the fruits we will reap will be the fruits of the seeds we have planted. Peach seeds will not generate avocados and vice-versa. Simple enough right?

Our minds cannot make a difference of what we think is either good or bad, it just receive the seed (information) we sow and will work using all its energy to make it become a reality. It is up to you, the farmer, to choose the goods seed and remove the bad.

Most of us, however, tend to worry and consume ourselves with our fears, past failure, the things we do not want, and with what lacks in our lives, yet expect to reap courage, success, joy, laughter, kindness, abundance.

How clear is your idea of what is that you truly want in life? What are the steps you need to follow in order to get there? What are the seeds you must sow in order to get the fruits you want? Have you ever sat down to quietly meditate about all that you truly want and need? Have you ever bother to create a clear pathway of how you will get there? Have you been working in acquiring the tools you need? Have you been practicing the skills to get what you want?

I know that for me it took a long while to make those choices. It was easier to get distracted, to get busy, to tell myself that I had no time, that life was fast happening and I didn’t want to miss out on anything…it took a long and hard fall for me to find myself completely alone and utterly lost, to finally gather the courage to not pursue another distraction, but to focus on what was missing inside, to remove the weeds of my own garden, turn over the dirt and start over from ground zero.

A journey of a thousand miles truly starts with one single step, it is that simple. YOU DO BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. You do reap what you sow.

Since your mind is a garden, weeds tend to spread out once in a while. These are your negative thoughts, thoughts of failure and doubts, thoughts of fear and frustration. We, after all, live in a world that is obsessed with drama, worries and fears, and it is only natural that we pick up on the negativity around us.

The one caveat is that we ARE the author of our lives, and it is up to us to choose our priorities.

Learn to create a special time of the day to tend to your personal garden. Remember, a successful farmer always cultivate his fields, it know when it is time to water, to weed, and to leave it alone. It recognizes the good and bad sprouting. Take time to pluck thoughts that don’t serve you, get intimate with your own patterns and recognize the ones that must be changed for your own benefit – we all have a few bad ones that needs adjustment and just to be removed all together. Be courageous to not just listen, but to understand your fears and the reason behind each one of them, you will find out they can actually be your friend, find the weeds and dig them out by the roots. Cultivate your mind with seeds of kindness, success, prosperity, love, opulence, gratitude, abundance, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness…what you give you receive, literally.

Every day, instead of watching another reality show, carve precious time to focus in your own reality, enjoy few minutes of solitude, feed your soul with positive and loving thoughts, take heart and look attentively at your thoughts, at your visions, at your actions for that day, learn the patterns of your mindset, the superficially innocent traps that sends you downspiral into the so comfortable old ways, and start working on acquiring the necessary skill sets to make it a fertile ground to success, happiness, peace, joy. Through the process you will grow, evolve, mature, become wiser, more patient, more flexible, more understanding, more forgiving, in short,  become a better version of your old self, one tiny step at a time.

Be aware of what you think and how you act towards yourself and others because as simple as it sounds you will reap what you sow.
N. Cardoso 02/13/2018
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