What would you do?

By N. Cardoso 12/08/18

This is a lesson I am still learning. There have been many fails along the way because of my ego.

While it has been kept under control for a while, it jumps out of its hiding place when someone is unnecessary unkind to me or others.

I know that returning their unkindness with my unkindness is not the answer. Giving them what my ego believes they deserve only perpetuate their with another.

When I finally learn to give them exactly what they don’t deserve, like love and compassion, that is when I can finally get the problem fixed.
I am just not sure how yo do that, what actions or words to use when I am caught by surprise….my unkindness back is an immediate unthinking emotional response, and I know it.

After the fact I think about and I know I should have respond instead of reacting but I didn’t.

I love new lessons, this one however is kicking my, not so tiny anymore, behind more times than I am proud to admit.

Open to ideas and suggestions on how to overcome this canandrum. How to be kind when someone is unkind?

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